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Mario OSTOS PEREJON / ESP challenge World Champion for Muay Thai title

Erstellt von WKF Head Office am Donnerstag 26. September 2013

BANNERT-Henry_AUTOSTOS Mario_ESP_2Mr. Gerald DITTRICH from WKF AUSTRIA proudly confirmed next World title fight in Austria in Muay Thai on November 16th in the City Amstetten, near Linz.

WKF head office confirmed already the World title.

Promoter Mr. Christian PFANNHAUSER is long time expert in Wushu and very experienced promoter for international pro and amateur events.

This World title in Muay Thai is confirmed in Cruiserweight – 88,20 Kg , and already listed in our World ranking.

Challenger is WKF SPAIN Champion Mario OSTOS PEREJON from Cordoba, team FEMT – Hanuman Team. He is our current nr. 5th in our World ranking and best Spanish Cruiserweight fighter this Year.


His opponent is Austrian hero and current World Champion below in Light Cruiserweight – 84,60 Kg, Henry BANNERT.

Henry is in best shape ever and ready to fight Mario in full Muay Thai rules, no retreat – no surrender !

For tickets and more Informations send mail to promoter Mr. Pfannhauser.