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Match maker in WKF EUROPE

Erstellt von WKF Head Office am Donnerstag 4. Februar 2016


Hrvoje KISASONDI, WKF EUROPE Match maker

Our WKF EUROPE president Mr. Hrvoje KISASONDI start our new office with high speed.

His new E-mail: wkfeuropa@gmail.com

Europe is still the strongest WKF continent, with most activities and so many high class events. First contender is WKF AFRICA continental federation.

With immediate effect all WKF sanctioned title fights in Europe must be requested and confirmed from our Europe office only.

WKF EUROPE logoMr. Kisasondi is in duty as match maker for events in Europe, to coordinate all titles, champions and contenders.

All requests from promoters for WKF sanction must be done with the correct “title application” form only. To avoid any misunderstandings.

“Title fight minimum requirements” form is here!

Our match maker will help in all further requests.